Tux  &  Bobo

Life is always better with a dog or two

I saw a photo of Bobo when he was one day old.  It was shortly after my yorkie Bombo had died when he was not quite 5 years of age.  I desperately wanted a dog like Bombo in personality:  a lively, funny little dog.  Whichever dog I would find, I would name him "Bobo," which means in Chinese "lively" and "exuberant."  I was not counting on Bobo the clown with ADD.  

I asked my friend Lisa Farmer to help me find a puppy with a full tail like  Bombo's. She knew of a breeder who  was expecting a litter and asked her to not dock the tails of the puppies.  Bobo turned out to be a singleton, the only puppy. He is related to Bombo via their grandfather, Ch Tip Top Come Fly with Me,  "Frankie,"  who was bred and handled in the show ring by Lisa.  Lisa  had kindly made me Frankie's co-owner because of  our shared fundraising work for  the Canine Health Foundation, an organization Lisa and I supported for their work in canine genetics.  At that time, Frankie was the only champion Yorkie to have passed all tests available for genetic defects.  He went on to win breed at Westminster and was ranked the #1 Yorkie in 2002.  It meant a lot to me to have a puppy descended from Frankie. Bobo's father, Dino, was a Frankie son,  Grand Ch That's Amore, and also one who had passed the genetics tests.  Bobo's breeder, Ann Fultz, sent me photos of Bobo as the days went by. When he was 12 weeks, I flew to Atlanta to pick him up.   

Bobo proved quite a handful--a daredevil who flew around the house.  In the first year, he broke both legs, one at 3 months, then another at 8 months, both times when flying  down the stairs. Even when in a cast, he loved playing with other dogs. Lou and I decided we would find him a playmate.  We looked at listings in Petfinder and saw a photo of a dog who appeared to be a poodle or Maltese mix. The listing said he was  6 years old.   A  high-kill shelter had picked him up off the streets as an emaciated, matted stray, and Toy Breed Rescue in San Jose took him from there,  nursed him back to health, then neutered, microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and licensed him.  They also cleaned his teeth.  After months of care, he was ready to be adopted.  As soon as I saw him, I knew he was perfect.  He came with the name Tux, and after wrestling with all kinds of possible other names, we simply kept the name Tux.  We discovered later that Tux understands Spanish---someone had said to him, "sientete," he immediately sat. He understands other words as well.  Through DNA testing, we learned he is half poodle, half Pomeranian, probably the result of a "designer dog" breeding. 

Tux has always been a loving dog, not at all fearful.  He was perfectly housetrained, good with dogs and cats, as well as kids, and both men and women.  And he almost never barks-- not at doorbells or people walking in the door. We suspect someone loved him very much, and that either his owner  died or he simply got lost on the streets for many months. He was nearly dead when found and he had no ID and no one tried to claim him. 

 Bobo refused to look at Tux the first five days, but, as you can see by the series of photos below, they soon became best buddies.  Bobo has been trying to teach Tux to dance.  No dice.  Tux has  also become a Daddy's boy and follows Lou around the house.  Our family is complete.