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playing around with photos of my mother using a colorization app

fond photo of the month

Lunch with Justice Sotomayor

Justice Sotomayor and I met at Rita Moreno's book party and discovered we shared another mutual connection--my nephew, T.J. Tu, who clerked for her. In June 2013, she invited us to lunch in her chambers during the busy time when the Supreme Court was making decisions on major cases.  We talked about everything from moms, kids' perception of their ethnicity, even snorkeling--all kinds of things, except the cases under deliberation.  Lunch by chef Jesse was delicious and I was moved that my dietary preferences (which they asked me for) had been used to create a special menu.

Photos & Flotsam

Family Fun 

My sister Jindo, visited us from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. We were at a Dog Daze Music Fest in Squaw Valley and when the band played, Jindo did her thang and showed me a few moves.  She's 72 and she can do THAT with her body?